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Here at One Heart we specialize in running short term outreach and evangelism trips. We have teams going on outreach trips almost every month of the year.

There are churches that have little or no mission program and One Heart Mission desires to create a platform whereby these churches can go on mission and perhaps grow from there into running their own trips. We have all the mechanics to run trips ie 4×4 vehicles, outreach equipment, places to stay and projects that we are busy with.

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The Mountain Kingdom of  Lesotho

Much of the ministry that we do is in Southern Africa. Lesotho is one of our main focus areas. Specifically the mountain areas, where the mountain people have been identified as one of the 100 least reached people groups in Southern Africa.
Due to the extremely mountainous conditions, and lack of good farmland, the villages are very small and remote.
Our focus is to evangelize and disciple these villages, hence our motto “EVERY VILLAGE”

We have used various types of outreach means, such as the Heart Chart, sketch boarding, drama, puppets, feeding and clothing outreaches and The Jesus Film.
One of our most successful tools at present is The Jesus Film for Children. This is truly a remarkable evangelism tool! We have seen thousands of people make a commitment to Christ using this not only in Lesotho but in Swaziland as well.

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Kingdom of Swaziland

The ministry into Swaziland is largely evangelistic, working alongside “Power Of Hope” ministries which is based in Pongola, KZN, SA. Working alongside Power of Hope, One Heart’s main role is one of a servant, helping fulfill Power of Hopes vision as it reaches out in Swaziland.

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